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Kevin Harrington explains the importance of pre-planning your funeral and

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Television host Forbes Riley explains the importance of

Check your location for an approved funeral provider

Check your location for an approved funeral provider

Make arrangements before you pass

You can take care of the details to ensure you get the funeral that you want, and your family isn't left with the burden of planning your burial.

Mitigate the stress of planning a funeral

The death of a loved one is an extremely stressful time for anyone. Having to plan a funeral makes it even harder. Take care of your funeral arrangements before you pass to help your loved ones during this difficult time.

Know that you're in good hands

Meet with your funeral providers to ensure that you are getting the funeral you and your loved ones deserve. Iron out the details before hands so that your loved ones don't need to be left wondering what you would have wanted.

Financial planning

Funerals can be expensive, which is why financial planning is so important. Understand the costs related to your funeral so that you can help to offset some of the financial impacts that a funeral carries with it.

Hear what others have to say


Jack PYP
"The insurance agent who guided me through this was very helpful."

Randa & Runda

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"I'm going to pay the price I paid today, instead of the price twenty years from now."


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"My daughter is covered now. She doesn't have to worry about any of those details."


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"I would think it's a very selfish thing for us not to prepare."

Forbes Riley

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“When my father passed away I took part of a memento and put it in the coffin, and then I kept the other half.”

Larry Berg

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"At the funeral we had a carnation logo of the Cubs and a carnation logo of the Packers"

David Hernandez

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"There is a night and day difference between families that have pre-planned and those that haven't."

Dominic Carella

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"Planning your passing gives you peace of mind."

Start Planning Your Passing

Start Planning Your Passing

Your Community

A prepaid plan like the ones described above can be a convenient and reassuring way to spare your family some measure of emotional stress when the time comes: The big decisions about your funeral will have been made, the money paid, and that will be that.

Plan Your Passing is a digital marketplace that allows you to connect funeral homes in your area with prescreened, local service professionals to carry out services, arrangements, and every other detail you may need.

Plan Your Passing partners with local funeral homes in your community. Every funeral home we work with is a trusted partner, and deeply involved in the local community, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

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Television host Forbes Riley explains the importance of:

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